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A suprise in the post

I've got a new job! Not a new day job, let me hasten to say, but I've got a new Open University course to tutor.

For the past few years I've been an Open University tutor on the course T171: You, your computer and the net. Initially it was immensely popular, but last year the student numbers had started to fall and this year they were down again, apparently. So they'd asked for people prepared to take voluntary redundancy. Now I don't really do the job for the money. Not that I'm averse to a bit of extra cash, but it is only a couple of hours a week for 9 months of the year, so the amount it brings in is negligible compared to the day job. No, I mainly do the job because it helps keep me up to date with IT stuff (which helps in the day job) and also puts me in touch with a whole bunch of cool people who are my fellow OU tutors. T171 is entirely presented, tutored and assessed via the Internet, which I liked because I do enough face-to-face teaching in the week. This also means that you have much more contact (on-line) with other tutors than in a conventional OU course where you wouldn't see a colleague for months on end. I was going to miss this, so initially I thought I'd hang on and hope they chose someone else. However, one of the staff tutors phoned me and told me that there was a new course starting and that anyone who had tutored T171 would have enough knowledge and all the right skills to tutor it. Was I interested? After some thought I decided I was, so when I had the official letter re voluntary redundancy, I wrote back saying I would volunteer and how did I apply to tutor the new course I'd been told about?

I expected a form to fill out and an interview, so imagine my surprise when a contract just turned up in the post this morning. They obviously think that there is sufficient overlap in the course content that they can just transfer tutors over. So I have a new course to learn, which will be fun.

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