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Thinking about procrastination

I had an appointment with the doctor this morning, just the regular annual check that the prescription is still right for me and to discuss the results of the routine blood tests I had done a week or two ago.

I also:

- banked some cheques
- bought a pair of sandals
- phoned daughter to discuss dress colours for M's wedding
- bought a dress
- arranged travel insurance (which involved a phone call)
- phoned my mobile phone company to check that I'd be able to make calls in the US (which meant another phone call)
- phoned my Dad to arrange to leave the car at his house while we're away.

All that and then I went into work at lunch time and did a decent afternoon of clearing stuff of my desk.

Now why can't I always be this efficient?

I need to ponder my procrastination problem a bit more.
Tags: getting stuff done, procrastination, time management, travel
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