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What I did on my holidays -- Day 1 Boulder, Colorado

I will spare people the boring details of my holiday, so I'll put them behind a cut, but suffice it to say, the journey was fine. G did get a bit distressed and grumpy that I cut our departure time a bit fine, but we left the car at my Dad's house and caught the train with 10 minutes to spare. Surely that's enough. *g*

We spent Friday night in a hotel at Manchester airport because the flight was fairly early on the Saturday morning. To our astonishment, all flights were on time and O'Hare seemed much quieter then when I was there last year in May en route to WisCon. On arriving in Denver, we only had 5 mins to wait for the Boulder shuttle bus, so arrived at the hotel in good time.

Hotel is fine and as you can see there is Internet access!

Today we went for a walk into downtown Boulder, then on up the Canyon and up as far as the Red Rock trail (Names from memory, I'll edit later if I've got stuff wrong.) At that point, I reached by heat/altitude limit again and so we descended slowly, via all the shade available. Once down at town level again, we had a pizza lunch.

Why is the temperature here either blazing hot or air-conditioned to fridge-like coldness? After drinking two large Pepsis with ice and sitting in the chilled cafe, I was beginning to long for the heat outside again.

At least until I actually got outside...

Anyway, we are now relaxing back at the hotel.

No writing today, but I should manage some tomorrow. I am, however, 8 miles nearer Rivendell.

Must go now as there is just one shared computer in the hotel lobby.
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