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I'm back!

I am back home! G and I flew into Manchester early this morning and we travelled by train to my Dad's house where we'd left the car. I then managed to drive home without falling asleep.

G immediately crashed into bed and has been asleep for some hours. I'm feeling fine, though slightly sleep-deprived after the overnight flight from Chicago.

There's masses of things that need doing, but most will have to wait. I have, however, just popped out to buy a bit of food for tonight and I've been busy trying to catch up on online stuff. I had meant to keep reading and posting here while I was away, but the Internet access proved more limited than I expected and the time I had on the hotel's computer had to be reserved for my online students.

The first job was to download my email...


Fortunately Turnpike filtered most of the junk out, but I still had to delete the spam that had sneaked through, mostly messages telling me that a school friend, a neighbour or a worshipper1 had sent me an e-greeting. I was finally left with just a few genuine messages to read and deal with.

1 Worshipper? Do these spammers think they have deities on their mailing lists?
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