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What I did on my holidays -- the short version

I haven't yet typed up my handwritten journal pages, but I just thought a brief summary was in order. Basically we had a great time. We spent a week in Boulder, Colorado, then a further 4 days in Estes Park at the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

I travelled several thousand miles, walked approximately another 70, I lost 3lbs in weight, I saw lots of superb scenery and some cute animals and even had a go at Western riding. Well, if you're going to try riding cowboy style, where better to do it than the Rockies? :)

I even wrote some words for the WIP.

Now I need to get back into a routine, wrestle the house back under control, make some serious progress with the writing, oh, and attend our son's wedding next week.

No, despite the icon we didn't see any bison. I have seen more bison in Wales than in America.

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