Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I did on my holiday -- Day 3, Boulder

Much the same as yesterday, actually. I walked into downtown Boulder via the pretty (and relatively shady) Walnut Street. Even I have found it impossible to get lost in Boulder. A combination of a neat N-S gridiron pattern of street and a huge mountain range marking the West means that I just have to think, "Towards the Rockies or away from the Rockies?"

Before I went into town I did nip over to the 29th St Mall (where G and I had dinner last night). I wanted to take some pictures of the new Boulder to contrast with the old historic bits. In the new Boulder there are things like the Apple Shop, a Macy's, a Borders' Bookshop and (stragely) a Clarks shoe shop, an unexpectedly familiar name and log in a foreign country.

Speaking of odd touches of the familiar, Peppercorn, a rather nice shop selling household items on Pearl Street stocked Yorkshire tea and McVities Digestive Biscuits. Quite why, I haven't a clue.

Anyway, I actually went into Peppercorn to buy a couple of mugs because I'm tired of drinking my tea from polystyrene cups. After last year's experience of trying to make tea in a coffee maker, I took my small electric kettle with me. It takes ages to boil owing to the lower voltage, but it does ensure better tea -- especially now I can drink it out of a proper mug. I also popped into the Mystery Bookshop and succumbed to a murder mystery by Stephen White, a local Boulder author. Blinded is partly set in Boulder so every so often I could cry delightedly, "I know where that is!" Also bought Fever Season by Barbara Hambley.

From there I ambled all the way up Pearl Street into the park and back via the Creek Path. I had thought to get tea and a snack in the tea house on 13th, but it turned out that despite its name, the tea house doesn't actually serve tea. It's a restaurant serving large meals.

So I had a hot dog and chips (ie packet of crisps) instead and then ambled back to the hotel via Walnut once more.

I wrote some words for the WIP (Revealing Secrets), then checked my online students and answered a couple. I discovered LJ wasn't working, so I couldn't post my word count.

I then rested until G returned from his course, whereupon we trekked into town once more to eat. Surely I must be getting fitter with all this walking?

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