Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I did on my holidays -- Day 5, Boulder

The plan today was to walk to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory, do the tour, have a snack in the cafe and get the bus back.


The plan was foiled when I ran out of sidewalk at Diagonal Highway. There was a lot of new building going on and an extremely nice underpass under the main road, but no sidewalk.

Defeated I walked back to the second hand bookshop where I browsed and cooled off in their air-conditioned interior. Nothing tempted me enough to actually buy it. The insistence on only one carry-on bag on the flight meant that a book would have to be pretty special to tempt me.

I then got the bus back to the hotel, where I ate up the rest of the ham and 3 flat breads and some cheesecake for an early lunch.

As it was still not yet midday, I ventured out once more, this time to walk through the historic neighbourhoods of Whittier and Mapleton Hill. These consist of very nice houses, some built as long ago as the 1880s. (I'm not being sarcastic there, by the way. We might have had lots of old buildings in the UK, but we also tend to pull them down and build new, especially my home town of Manchester, which I genuinely do not recognise most of now, despite having grown up there.) Anyway, the streets were very attractive, lined with mature trees. This was a complete contrast to this morning's walk which had been a long plod through the ordinary part of Boulder. Well, as ordinary as Boulder ever gets. :)

Once through the historic districts, I ambled through Eben Fine Park where I sat and read for a bit and watched yet another batch of boys armed with padded plastic swords, daggers and battle axes. Some kind of summer camp activity, perhaps? I've seen them there every day so far.

Finally I plodded my way along the Creek path back to Folsom and hence Canyon and the Golden Buff Lodge to write, drink tea, pen these few words and await G's return from his day of study.

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