Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I did on my holiday -- Day 6, Boulder

This was G's last day on the course and they were to finish at lunchtime. I therefore went out just long enough to allow housekeeping to clean the room. After that I wrote and read until G arrived back. We then walked out past the Millennium Hotel to check how long it will take to walk to the shuttle bus pick up point tomorrow.

We then followed the Boulder Creek Path to the start of the various walks into the foothills and climbed Mount Sanitas. We didn't go all along the ridge, but I was chuffed to make it to the top as it was much higher than the Red Rocks trail that had been my limit on Day 1.

Excellent views from the top of the huge expanse of flatness to the East.

In the evening we ate out at the Thai restaurant just across the road from the Golden Buff Lodge. I had a very nice stir fry with pepper and garlic.

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