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Why am I so tired?

The fact that I drove 240 miles yesterday probably has a lot to do with it. The US holiday coming straight after a busy period at work and then being followed almost immediately by our son's wedding in South Wales hasn't helped either.

Anyway, our son is now safely married and we are back home, so I'm hoping that I'll start to catch up on things like sleep and housework in the couple of weeks I have left before I start a new term.

For now I'll just say that the wedding was lovely. Our family were heavily outnumbered by the bride's family, but a wonderful time was had by all. Photos may follow, if any of the ones I took come out.

Right now I can't stop yawning. I've been marking OU assignments today, but I think I'm giving up for now. Dinner is cooking and so I will stop for the day.

I hope to be more coherent tomorrow. *g*

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