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Thoughts on unsticking the WIP

I have no more actual words to declare, but I do have a strategy for getting unstuck.

Working with my Unconscious Writer Brain is rather like working with a bright animal. It knows what it wants to do, but communication between the UWB and my conscious self is difficult.

Think of Lassie. She knows that the kids are trapped down the mine shaft, but can she get the stupid humans to understand the problem?

I've finally realised that the UWB wants a re-cap of what has happened so far and it would also like some more raw story material to work with, please.

The main problem with the story as it stands is that I'm at the end of chapter 3 and there's been no sign of any magic whatsoever. I looks like a mainstream story. This needs rectifying!

So, having resolved never to revise while writing first draft, because of the danger of getting stuck in the Endless Rewrite Loop, I've finally realised that I do need to type up what I've written so far and then perhaps I'll be able to see what exactly happens next. I also need to read over all my notes and look at the books I bought for research.

It's all very well knowing a couple of scenes from the the Middle and several more from the End, but I need to know how to get from here to there. (Where here is the middle of the Beginning and there is the middle of the Middle.)

Whoever said that you don't learn how to write novels, you just learn how to write this novel was right. :) I think this one wants writing in chunks of 3 or 4 chapters at a time with some thinking, planning and regrouping between each section.

At least now I know that, I might be able to proceed...
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