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The final batch of photos for the PhD!

Yesterday G requested one final batch of photos for his PhD. It was a lovely day, so I was happy to oblige. Many of them were just rather dull shots of mudflats and closeups of boring vegetation, so these are the most interesting of the bunch.

Mawddach Estuary at Arthog
Mawddach Estuary at Arthog
My husband wanted a picture of these mudflats for his PhD. This was the most picturesque of the batch.
Sea lavender on the Mawddach Estuary
Sea lavender on the Mawddach Estuary
Another of the photos taken for my husband, who can be seen in the distance. We went there to identify the plants for his PhD thesis.
A heron fishing in the Mawddach Estuary
A heron fishing in the Mawddach Estuary
A heron fishing in the Mawddach estuary. A moment later we watched it catch two fish.
I can has fish!
I can has fish!
A heron sees a fish, pounces and then gulps it down. (Mawddach estuary)
Lesser sea spurry
Lesser sea spurry
This is taken using the supermacro. It's actually very tiny. Note the soft round fleshy leaves. This enables it to live in a very salty environment.

Welsh sheep
Welsh sheep

I've never seen a human do that before!

A sheep seems intrigued as I kneel on the grass to photograph the tiny lesser sea spurry. I think she thought I was grazing. :)

I will, of course, keep on taking photos for my own fun and amusement. :)

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