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Writing progress -- IWriSlMo

Words written today: 28 (notes)
Total words in novel: not sure, but I've just deleted about 370 words where the story had taken a completely wrong turning.

Progress of a sort! I did sit down with the rough draft and though I didn't want to actually read it and be put off by the crapness of the whole thing, I kind of skimmed over it, just squinting at the prose sufficiently to get the gist of what has been happening.

This was when I realised that I had done a stupid thing! For some reason I'd decided that it would be a good idea for the caretaker to appear to have resigned and gone to care for his sick mother. My conscious mind had forgotten (though perhaps my unconscious mind had not?) that this would derail a whole major subplot! This might actually be why the story was stuck. Anyway, putting a line through a page and a half of MS and writing the word No! in big letters across it soon dealt with that.

Tomorrow I need to brainstorm how they get into faerie and which magical workplace Bethany visits first.
Tags: novel planning, revealing secrets, writing progress

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