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My house has a bowel!

Um... well, not really, but I've just thought of a rather gross analogy for the way we dump Things in the conservatory. :)

As the decluttering progresses and Stuff is removed from the other rooms in the house, it tends to end up in the conservatory. Perhaps it's been put there "for the moment" during a frantic help-someone-is-coming-we-have-to-tidy-up purge. Perhaps we can't decide whether we want to keep it or not; perhaps it's tipping down with rain so we don't want to walk out to the garage (which is detached); or perhaps the item is bulky and can't go out with the rubbish and needs special methods of disposal (like calling the council for the free bulky rubbish collection). Anyway, for whatever reason, stuff tends to build up in there until every so often, it will get Too Much! and I will have a purge.

So today the house is having a poo (as it were!). I'm working steadily on the piles, either disposing of the items or finding them a proper home. A complete clearance will take some time, probably all weekend I should think.

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