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Just give me a challenge

My brain seems to like a challenge. Give it something easy to do and it can't be arsed. Give it something more tricky and it's off like a terrier after something small and furry.

On the T189 OpenUni 2007 Flickr group, we have this game going. For a couple of days people have to post pictures of things beginning with a particular letter. I've posted the occasional thing in the past, but then we got to Q. Normally there's a flood of pictures, but this time it was only a trickle.

Well, I ended up dominating the thread by posting 5 out of the 14 pictures posted so far. And I spotted the bus queue posted to the general pool and commented that it could fit in the A - Z continuation for Q.

Why? Just because Q was a bit harder and therefore an interesting challenge. I mean boring letters like M immediately brings lots of things to mind that one will already have in one's archive: mountain, motorbike, mushroom etc. But Q is not so easy.

I must admit that the quail spotted on my way home from a walk yesterday was a stroke of unbelievable luck (again not the sort of coincidence one wants to find in fiction!). The quarry was one of my oldest photos, taken back in 2000 with our first digital camera and the quadrilateral castle was almost a cheat. But I set up a little photoshoot to get the Quink ink and the question mark and closing quote.

It's just as well I'm in work tomorrow and therefore won't have time to do more. I'm becoming obsessed. I was lying awake last night wondering how one could photograph a quarrel or a quibble, or whether I could find a joust and take a picture of knights tilting at the quintain, or perhaps find a quincunx or think of some way of photographing a quotient. I was even wandering into the realms of fantasy and thinking of quidditch maches and quaffles. :)

Of course when we get to R and there's masses of choice, I probably will lose interest again...

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