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A couple of things to amuse you

I posted recently about finding a whole new area to walk in. Well, yesterday, G and I walked the whole of the new circuit. It's really odd discovering a brand new swathe of land right on one's doorstep, especially as we've lived here for over 20 years now. It's normally the kind of thing that happens only in dreams! Obviously I knew the land was there, but I thought the lane just led to a farm and that the fields would be private and therefore inaccessible. I must never have taken a proper look at the map!

Despite the gloomy evening, I managed to take two blah photos and make one decent one out of them.

The road goes ever on...

Also, as the Alphabet game on the T189 Flickr group has reached "U", I delved into my old slides and managed to produce...

...a unicorn!


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