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Still adjusting to new timetable

This week is odd. Yesterday felt like Tuesday. I don't know what today feels like, but it doesn't feel like Tuesday.

My whole week has been turned round this year. After a couple of years of having Mondays off, I now have Tuesdays off instead, due to there being a full evening class on Mondays which had no tutor and my Tuesday class wasn't big enough to run.

Anyway, I fiddled around early on, but did manage to attack the in tray this evening and reduced it's height somewhat. I'm still finding that Get Things Done works much better at work than at home. Though it's probably that the home tasks are much bigger and messier than anything I have to tackle at work.

Otherwise I've played around with the scanner and managed to scan a rather dark photo of me and Rhodri (offspring of the "unicorn" I posted a picture of the other day.) I've also created a photography icon from a picture I took of my Very First Camera.

Me with my horse Rhodri
Me with my horse Rhodri
This must have been taken about 20 years ago. This is me with my horse Rhodri.


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