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Getting through the week somehow

I am soooo tired. I shouldn't have stayed up till 1am most nights last weekend at Novacon, but I didn't feel tired then. But I hadn't realised just how much I rely on the weekends to catch up on the sleep deficit that builds up during the week. Thank goodness I only have one more morning of teaching, then I can crash.

I did manage some writing this week, despite tiredness. One class were doing a test, so while they worked through a mock (under test conditions) and then sat the ECDL1 word processing test, I busily typed up 1490 words of hand written first draft, mostly written while I was away.

Another bonus of the con was a reasonably decent photo of me, so I've make a new LJ user picture out of it.

1European Computer Driving Licence, a basic qualification in practical IT.

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