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I have a cold and by dose is sore!

If I seebed a little down and biserable last week, it was very likely just the early signs of this dasty cold in the dose. I keep sduffling all the tibe and by dose is sore.

*Goes away, breathes Olbas oil scented steam for a while.*

Ah... temporary relief!

The cold started out on Wednesday afternoon with almost flu-like symptoms of achy bones and spells of shivering, but by Friday, it had turned into an ordinary streaming cold, so I'm simply coddling myself. However, I have run out of lozenges and I can't find a lip salve anywhere. (Lip salve eg Chapstick is the only thing I've found that really soothes a sore nose caused by constant sniffling into handkerchiefs.)

I must trundle into town and venture into the Co-op.

Otherwise it was a reasonably useful day. I have shredded a big pile of papers (including some very early stories that I do not want anyone else seeing), tidied the upstairs sitting room somewhat and also finally put down the rubber strips that I bought to protect the computer network cables where they cross the doorways. Now there's job that I'd been putting off for months and it only actually took a few minutes!

I'm still thinking about the Not Writing. I'm re-reading One Continuous Mistake, which is generating some interesting thoughts. If the thoughts evolve into anything coherent, I'll let you know.
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