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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

I lost track of things while I had the horrible cold, but this seems about right.

Miles travelled recently: 5 (several journeys into town and back)
Miles travelled yesterday: 3
Miles travelled so far: 254
Miles still to go: 204
Percentage complete: 55.5%

Point reached on journey: I am somewhere in the thickets on the south side of the Great East Road.

Where I really went...

I did a favourite walk that I haven't done for some time, in fact I don't think I've done it this year at all. Partly that's because it involves a short drive up towards Llanfachreth, to the area where I used to keep my ponies.

Having parked the car right by a patch of mud (doh!) and got my shoes muddy while I changed into my hiking boots, I set off down here...

Woodland path -- autumn

The weather was grey and it was heading towards dusk, but the photos actually come up really well in Photoshop. I have tried to make them look as much like faerie as possible. :)

Autumn colours

Forest in autumn

Bracken seen through conifers

Then I left the wood briefly and crossed the tarmac road. At the start of the next footpath, there was this sign.

Hazardous path ahead!

I'm not sure why they felt it needed a warning, it didn't seem any more dangerous than the other paths around here.

Then in the woods I found a number of toadstools. There were several larger ones, but something had been eating them, so this was the best of the fungi shots. It's just as well there was no one about yesterday, I ended up lying flat on my stomach to get this shot. It was the only way to keep the camera steady.


And finally I arrived at the lake Pwll y Gele Bach (Which I think translates as "Pool of the Little Leeches").

Pwll y Gele Bach (Pool of the Little Leeches)

From then on it was a brisk walk through the gathering dusk along the road to complete the circuit in order to return to my car.

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