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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled yesterday: 2
Miles travelled today: 1
Miles travelled so far: 257
Miles still to go: 201
Percentage complete: 56%

Point reached on journey: Still somewhere in the thickets just to the south of the Great East Road

Where I really went...

I suspect that the scenery I photographed yesterday was more spectacular than my current location in Middle Earth. :)

I parked the car at the Cadair Idris car park and headed not towards the mountain but in the opposite direction up this track.

Sunlit track

Cadair Idris was looking particularly splendid with all the autumn colour.

Cadair Idris in autumn sunlight

As I passed by the farm yard, I spotted this old Welsh collie basking in a patch of sunlight.

Old Welsh collie

A little further on, I found this wind-sculpted tree. The fading light meant I needed a longish exposure, so I was using my tripod. I'm getting a bit more skilful at arranging it -- not always easy on uneven ground! But I must admit I felt a bit of a poser as a group of walkers trooped past, especially when one asked what I was photographing. "That tree," I said. He looked surprised. I think he thought I was snapping some interesting rare bird or something.

Windshaped tree

I decided there was no point in going right down through the woods to the hostel because there just wouldn't be enough light, but then with a little squeal of, "Fungi!" I spotted these. By using the new close-up lens, I could take the shot from a little further away, which enabled me to use flash without swamping the subject and bleaching everything out. (A long exposure would have captured the fungi but washed out the sky.)

Fungi at twilight

I now cut across to the other track and made my way back up towards the road. The light and colour were really draining away now.

River at dusk

A brisk walk along the road brought me back to the car park, but before heading for home, I took one last shot.

Cadair Idris at twilight
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