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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 6
Miles travelled so far: 267
Miles still to go: 191
Percentage complete: 58%

Point reached on journey: Frodo has been injured and we're camping in the thickets.

Where I actually went...

I decided to explore a new walking route. One of the reasons I've got lazy about exercise is that I was bored with the same walks over and over again. But there are actually lots of paths I've never been along, or at least not for a long time.

So today I decided to try to walk a route I haven't travelled for over 25 years when I rode my horse Fflam up to the stables where he was going to live for a week while we were on holiday.

I went slightly astray and got a bit lost in some woods, but by some miracle, I did end up in exactly the right place and thence it was just a quick march down the road through the gathering dusk towards the lights of home.

This is where I have to admit that I'm about as good at not taking photos as I am at not buying books. :) I deliberately didn't take either camera because the point of the walk was to just walk and not get distracted by photographing interesting things.

Er, but I did have my phone with me. Just for emergencies, you understand. And, well, it does have this camera in it...

Mossy rocks
Mossy rocks
The moss is so thick you can no longer see the shapes of the rocks. They just look like green mounds.
Fairy thorn at dusk
Fairy thorn at dusk
This was the point where I was slightly lost. I was about to pass the point of no return, ie the point where I probably didn't have the stamina to retrace my steps and return home the way I'd come and it would have taken too long and it would be dark. But right here I no idea where I was as the path had vanished, as they do. :)
Welcome lights in the distance
Welcome lights in the distance
Back on the road I soon saw the welcome lights of the town in the distance.

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