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Sometimes you go looking for wildlife, sometimes the wildlife comes to you...

Because I had to critique a bunch of stories from my fiction writing students, I couldn't go out taking photos today, but I just couldn't ignore this little chap who came onto the conservatory roof.

Grey squirrel

His boldness probably explains yesterday's mystery, to whit: why was the bird feeder no longer on its hook outside my study window and instead was lying on the conservatory roof below? I had assumed that either a) the birds had been particularly quarrelsome and dislodged it or b) being empty and therefore light it had blown off during the high winds the other night. Now I suspect that a squirrel was somehow involved. :)

Here he seems to be pondering how to approach the birds' peanut feeder. Note the "respectful paws" as Cute Overload puts it.

Squirrel hatching a plan

Then, despite the human with camera watching from the bedroom window, the squirrel decides to move across the roof.

Grey squirrel closeup

Our house wall, with its gravel-dashed walls provides easy footing for a squirrel. Here he ponders an alternative route to the peanuts.

Grey squirrel on drainpipe

When I last saw him, he was climbing over the neighbours trellis trying to get at their bird feeders.
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