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Written in Canada, tune added in England, and sung in Sacramento before morning...

"Written in Canada, tune added in England, and sung in Sacramento before morning. Sometimes the internet is a wonderfully strange place."

carandol has hit the nail on the head there. In case anyone has missed it (which I doubt because far more people read papersky's LJ than read mine), desperance found an old Bible in his attic. A little flurry of research by people on his friends' list threw up a brief history of a man, hitherto unknown to any of us, who died young in WWI. The poignancy of his short life inspired papersky to write a poem, though as it was more of a song than a poetic sort of poem, carandol was inspired to write a tune and then recorded it.

And now, one wonders, how far will the song spread?
Tags: folk songs, music making

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