Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Where is it all coming from?

A few random observations...

I am plodding on quietly with the decluttering. G has been having a purge in his study. He has removed several rubbish sacks full of waste paper, yet once again, it doesn't look significantly emptier. It does, uncannily feel emptier.


Right now the conservatory is looking like a tip, but I'm hoping it's at that, it has to get worse before it gets better stage. For three days running now, I have taken several boxes and carrier bags full of paper to the recycling. Unfortunately lots of other people seem to have the same idea because the paper bins are filling up rapidly. I hope they'll get emptied this week because otherwise my grand clearing plans will grind to a halt with nowhere to take the waste paper.

Other than that, I have done not a lot. Weather is foul so there's been no exercise or photography. I have, however, poked at the novel and written a few words. Word count reports may start to appear if things continue to go well. First person is definitely working better than third, but progress is slow because it seems this novel wants to be written carefully. I don't seem to be able to get into the splat-everything-down mode that I usually use for first draft.

Oh, there are now two squirrels. After the disaster with the squirrel breaking the plastic loop that the old bird feeder hung from, I bought a new all-metal squirrel proof feeder. Yesterday there was a squirrel looking pathetic on the windowsill. I thought it seemed smaller than before, but put that down to the fact that it was an illusion caused by it being rather soggy and hunched, due to the heavy rain. But today I saw two together. I keep trying to put peanuts out for them, but so far have failed to make them grasp the concept that a human is trying to feed them.
Tags: decluttering, squirrel, writing progress

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