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I have been busy scanning old slides...

Thanks to oursin I have finally managed to get decent scans from my scanner. I've had my scanner for a couple of years and never got very far with it. Though the research I did on the web at the time showed that good quality scans were possible, mine were disappointing. Every so often I would try a couple more, only to give up in frustration. I had resigned myself to buying a much better quality scanner (mine had only cost £80), but then oursin's recent difficulties and solution made me wonder whether I didn't have the same problem.

It seems to be a problem with vibration.

I had had my little scanner on the top of the computer, which lives in the hutch under the desk. Simply moving it to the solid window ledge and, for good measure, putting a small stack of books on top before each scan has transformed the results from hopeless to definitely OK.

View from Caernarfon Castle -- summer 1987
View from Caernarfon Castle -- summer 1987

Scanned from an old slide. Some slides scan much better than others. It really doesn't like dark photos, which is a bit of a bummer, but I can live with it.

Llyn Wylfa, near Cadair Idris
Llyn Wylfa, near Cadair Idris
I don't intend to scan many of the numerous views, unless they have changed significantly in the interim, but there is no public footpath to this lake and I'm getting a bit old for trespassing. :)
Harlech Medieval Society at Caernarfon -- Summer 1987
Harlech Medieval Society at Caernarfon -- Summer 1987
One of the reasons for visiting the castle that particular day was to catch the demonstration put on by the Harlech Medieval Society.
Alison and Mike at an old mine -- summer 1987
Alison and Mike at an old mine -- summer 1987
Alison was 11 years old in this picture, Mike was 6½


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