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Starting to think about getting back to work

A variety of odds and ends got done today. The woman who had submitted a garbled file for her fiction writing managed to submit an ungarbled file, so I have one last assignment to mark. Oh, joy...

I did some bits of housework: a load of washing and more decluttering of scrap paper from the conservatory. I printed a number of documents for G who is waiting for new printer cartridges for his own printer. I also scanned a few more old slides and did a bit more touching up of the best of the photos I scanned yesterday. My heart sank at first when I saw how many blemishes there were on the image, but I'm finding that touching up the spots with the spot healing tool is strangely compulsive, not unlike popping bubble wrap.

And tomorrow I need to think about the return to work. I need to look at my classes for next term and do some phoning of students.
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