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Driving home

I hate telling people at work or the students in my class where I live. It always causes gasps of amazement and comments like, "You don't travel there and back every day, do you?" From the reacion, you'd think I commuted from Outer Mongolia, instead of having a 1 hour drive to work. Compared to many people I know living in the SE of England, my commuting time isn't long, and when you consider the scenery I drive through, well...

I set off last night driving south west into a glorious pink and gold sunset. The bare trees were silhouetted against the sky and as the weather was cold and clear, at one point I passed fields and forest half hidden behind a skein of mist, translucent, like grey chiffon. I sang as I drove. My current favourite driving home and singing along music is Steeleye Span's double album The Journey (very appropriate name!) It was a chance purchase in Hay-on-Wye this summer and it's got something that the other recordings I have of their music lacks, somehow -- good though they are.

After an hour of relaxed driving and happy singing -- the road may be winding, but there's not too much traffic and even when there it, as long as you resign yourself to staying behind the car in front and not trying to overtake, it's not stressful like city driving -- I arrived back home with the light fading to grey to an early dinner, a glass of wine and an evening slumped in front of the TV with G.

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