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Name is changed!

Well, that seemed to be relatively painless and all the posts I did as llygoden seem to be present and correct. I had taken the precaution of backing up my LJ before I started, but everything seems the same, other than the fact that my main account is now heleninwales. Hurrah!

Also I got away with using just 2 rename tokens. Because I hadn't done anything with the account I'd created to use as a Welsh blog once I'd renamed the spare account to llygoden I realised that I could just keep that one and delete the one that had originally been heleninwales but was now called ex_heleninwa142. I have therefore deleted that account.

For anyone out there who might want to read my posts in Welsh, I'll mention it here when I finally get that blog up and running. At the moment, it's just empty. :)

Now I just want to see if I can make a new default user icon for here and the mice can move over to llygoden. Which will free up a few icon spaces.

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