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I have a code id by doze

This cold is nowhere near as bad as the one I had before Christmas, so that is something. Anyway, with the excuse that I was nursing my cold, I've spent today playing with Photoshop and mooching about on Flickr.

It all started when I photographed my breakfast for the Flickr group 52 Weeks about U.

Here are the Cheerios...

Cheerios closeup

...and the toast and marmalade...

Toast and marmalade

...and the cup of tea in my Moomintroll mug, a souvenir from the trip to Copenhagen.

A nice cup of tea

All of which means that I haven't done the things I was going to do, which includes taking the car into the garage for a checkup. Just recently it has, on occasion, been reluctant to start. I will have to remember to pop in on Monday before I go to work.

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