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I visited 3 counties on the way home!

Well, that was interesting!

It's half term this week so I have a nice long weekend ahead. After spending the day verifying digital photography assessments, today I left work a little early in order to seek out the new centre where I will be teaching an evening class on Monday nights. Cyffylliog School looked, from the map, to be in the middle of nowhere.

The map did not lie! I'm glad I did venture there today, in daylight. It would have been quite scary trying to find the school for the first time in the dark.

First of all I missed the turning because I thought it was further out of Ruthin than it was. Once I'd turned round and found the right lane, it was one of those, "Oooo, where on earth are we going?" journeys up a narrow and winding lane, through the tiny hamlet of Bontuchel and eventually to Cyffylliog.

The school was closed, of course, but I now know where it is.

Then things got even more interesting...

According to the map it ought to have been possible to follow a narrow lane that seemed to form a short cut back to the road home. I duly set off up the lane -- or at least I thought it was the correct one. It was narrow, with high hedges on either side. Fortunately nothing came the other way because passing places were few and far between. I drove on and on and ... found myself back on the edge of Cyffylliog!

I did find a short cut, though whether it saved any time I seriously doubt. The road it leads to is narrower and more twisty than my normal route home. Also passes through more remote and bleaker country so not good during bad weather. Anyway... At least i should be better prepared for Monday now.

Oh, the thing about three counties...

I work in Denbighshire live in Gwynedd and going home that way took me through a corner of Conwy. :)

Off to bed now as I can't stop yawning.

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