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Success! I have rehomed the duck gizzards!

The duck gizzards in question were a present. Sometimes students like to give their tutor a little present at the end of the course. In the summer it's often flowers. At Christmas time, it might be a bottle of wine or a small box of chocolates.

A welcome treat from some students this Christmas.
Ew! Do not want.
Ew! Do not want.
Gesiers de Canard Gras confits (Duck gizzards canned in duck fat).

But this year a French student gave me a tin of duck gizzards.

I kid you not!

They have been sitting in the kitchen since December while I worked out what on earth to do with them.

The student had said they were a delicacy and if I looked on the Internet, I would find instructions on how to cook them. Googling confirmed that yes, they were a "delicacy" and I printed off cooking instructions.

I failed to interest my brother and his family in the duck gizzards over Christmas.

They sat there a bit longer.

Now I would have been prepared to try them, but it was a large can and I really couldn't see me eating more than a tiny amount. G laughed at the very idea that they might be edible, so no help there then. It seemed a shame to waste them.

Then the other week at the Quaker lunch in celebration of Mary's birthday gave me an idea. Mary and Bronwen (two elderly and delightful ladies) have a dog.

So today the meeting was at their house and I took the duck gizzards along. The consensus was that they might be worth trying, but that if they were horrible, Brith could have them. And if even he turned his nose up at the gizzards, I noticed that outside the window a couple of crows were visiting the bird table.

So that's another piece of clutter out of the house then. :)

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