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Writing progress

I finally managed to write something during a weekend, namely 603 words, which is pretty good for me. (Daily target is 400 words.) I may have got to the root of the problem as to why I was failing to write when I theoretically had the most time. Over the summer, I was making good progress by handwriting first draft, usually working in the conservatory or out in the garden, or even while out on a walk. But now it's cold and dark and I'm working in my little study. For some reason I can't handwrite here. So today I said to myself, "Well, let's give it a go typing straight on to the computer." And it worked.

I did have the scene planned out on my scene planning sheet and I know the characters better now, so this might be why it worked when it wouldn't previously. But at last I'm making foward progress again.

Some statistics:

Number of chapters completed4
Total number of words written to date20,075
Pecentage of novel complete20%
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