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Writing progress

I have set up a new spreadsheet!

This time last year I was doing novel_in_90. Having managed to complete one round of aiming for 750 words per day, I now know that I can produce a higher number of daily words than I previously thought. However, they were not always very good words. :)

I'm finally declaring this attempt to be the First Draft of A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War), so the words need to start resembling an actual novel rather than just a heap of prose about fictional characters and events.

My target is simple, namely that the average number of words written each day must not fall below 400. This allows me days off in the week when I'm busy working to earn a living also the flexibility to go away for the weekend and catch up when I can. The spreadsheet enables me to build up a surplus whenever possible.

Coherent first draft, here I come!

The previous draft was the Zeroth Draft and hence allowed to be a mess.

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