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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil
Words now in Chapter 1: 995
Words total: 995
Reason for stopping: More than enough words for today and I'm starting to yawn.
Mean things done to characters: Huw has just seen his friend die and is horrified that magic has been used to kill.

I have created a new spreadsheet, I have girded up my loins and I have now ebarked on the official First Draft. (The draft I was writing last year was the Zeroth Draft.)

I wrote about 200 brand new words to make a completely new opening (from Huw's POV), then managed to join the new beginning to a decent chunk of existing text to get the whole thing underway again.

Tomorrow it will be a mixture of revision and new writing and so it should continue for quite a while because I have 75,000 words already in this novel.
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