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A rather meh day...

I'd planned to be dynamic and get lots done today, but I spent too much time on the computer looking at Flickr and reading LJ. :(

In an attempt to seem productive,

  • Did all the washing-up-that-won't-go-in-the-dishwasher.

  • Swept kitchen floor and stairs to the hall.

  • Did a load of washing.

  • Photographed tiny daffodils that have appeared in the front garden.

  • Fiddle with daffodil pictures Photoshop.

  • Posted best of daffodils to Flickr.

  • Took two boxes of scrap paper to the recycling.

  • Went to the Co-op and bought food.

  • Revised the first part of Chapter 2.

Hmmm.... It doesn't look too bad when set out like that, but I should have gone out for a walk while the weather was nice, but I didn't.

Anyway, have a cheerful daffodil...

Tiny daffodil
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