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St David's Day -- I go to a Welsh course

Well, today I went to the Learners' Day (Big Welsh Challenge) in Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor. Organised by the BBC, the day was full of fun1.

This morning we had a lesson, this afternoon there were lots of activities. Because the class for Middle and Further Wlpan2 was full, I went to the Advanced and Master class. Heavens! It was hard! We read poetry! I haven't studied poetry for years in English. I understood everything but I couldn't say anything at all. :( But it doesn't matter, it was valuable practice in listening.

After lunch (the lunch was very nice: sandwiches, crisps, hot food like sausage rolls and a cup of tea also -- all free!) my group went to have a talk from Bethan Gwanas, the author who wrote Bywyd Blodwen Jones and lots of other books. Then we went to talk with Gillian Elisa, the actress who plays Sabrina in Pobl y Cwm.

I left after the session with Gillian Elisa. I was tired. My brain was fried with trying to understand everything. :)

But I enjoyed the course a lot. The next course will be in the Easter holidays. I want to go!

1 "Fun" isn't quite right here but there isn't really a better translation. The Welsh word is "hwyl" which has a more profound meaning along the lines of "spirit" as well as "fun" or "enjoyment".

2"Wlpan" is from the Hebrew "Ulpanim", an intensive language course intended to produce fluent speakers.

(Welsh is here...)

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