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I can has TV programmes!

Just thought I'd mention this as I believe the programmes are accessible from outside the UK... [ETA: Sorry, I've just looked on the iPlayer page. Radio broadcasts and audio podcasts are available anywhere in the world but due to rights issues, the TV programmes are only available in the UK.]

We still only have the 4 terrestrial UK channels in our house (BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and S4C (Welsh Channel 4)). However, I have just recently discovered the delights of some of the other channels via the BBC's iPlayer.

I first started using the iPlayer in order to watch "Ashes to Ashes" without the faff of having to remember to set the video. (We don't have fancy DVD recorders either, still on tape here!) But as I was looking around the site to find my episode, I started to see other things.

Anyone interested in fantasy stories might like BBC4's "Worlds of Fantasy". This episode (just 2 days left, so be quick if you want to look at it!) focuses on childrens' fantasy. Using Harry Potter as a starting point, the programme looks back to see where this phenomenon arose from.

I felt it was worth it just for the delightful little clips of late Victorian movies of stories like the Water Babies and to see Alan Garner talking about his books. (Remember that you can fast forward through any parts that you don't find interesting!) China Mieville also gets to say stuff.

I did feel they were rather harsh on C. S. Lewis. The Narnia books are really not all Christian allegories, or if so, the ones in the Silver Chair and Prince Caspian went right over my head. :) Yes, they're dated now, but he was a writer of his time, just as was Charles Kingsley (who they don't castigate for having a message in his stories, even though he does.)

Anyway, next week is Tolkien and Peake, which should also be worth a look.

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