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Why is it so difficult to eliminate unhelpful ways of thinking?

You know I changed my LJ name recently because I decided that being too mousey was a bad thing? Well, there is just one trait that mousies have that I need to encourage.

They nibble.

For several weeks I've been looking at all the stuff dumped in the conservatory and thinking, "I really must have a blitz on that and get it cleared and cleaned up."


Not a blitz!

That's how I used to work. Let the mess get to a point where I couldn't stand it and then have a huge mega de-cluttering and cleaning spree before collapsing exhausted and feeling that I never wanted to clean anything ever again. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

One of the things I learned from alt.recover.clutter was that this was Not Good. It sets up all kinds of negative feelings and makes tidying and cleaning into a big deal.

But see how easy it is to slip back into bad ways? As soon as I start to think that I should be expending a huge amount of time and energy, the reluctance sneaks back in and I spend hours doing anything but what I should be doing.

So, I'm not going to have a blitz on the conservatory, I'm just going to nibble at it, little by little. :)
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