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Writing progress (somewhat belated update)

Story Title: A Necessary Evil
Words revised skimmed over and added to draft last Tuesday: 5449
Words total: 20,625

I decided against rewriting anything and merely invoked the Power Of the Pointy Brackets regarding the first scene. The comment says:

<<Change to Mark's POV and do a joining bit[1]with some highlights of the journey.>>

However, for the first time I feel this novel might have legs after all. It's taken until Chapter 4 for it to hit its stride, but I felt that the scene in the library where Mark and Huw meet the prince and the king did work. Hurrah! I feel somewhat heartened.

Also I decided this week to try using small cards to summarise each scene. I know I have various computer applications from Word's outline feature via an Excel spreadsheet to the BrainBox Mindmapping software, but I think it's worth experimenting with something that's actually tangible. I've been using flashcards to help me learn my Welsh and having something physical does seem to help. Anyway, we shall see...

[1] More correctly called a "narrative summary" :) What the first part of this chapter needs is a touch of what Ursula Le Guin calls in Steering the Craft "crowding and leaping".
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