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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 5
Miles travelled so far: 301
Miles still to go: 157
Percentage complete: 66%

I have done more than 300 miles! :)

Point reached on journey: Just set out from the camp on the fourth day out from Weathertop.

Where I really went...

I did my walk number 13. It's walk number 13 because I have a spreadsheet set up to record the Eowyn challenge milage and it uses a lookup table to automatically add the miles if I just type in the walk number.

It wasn't a very nice day: cold and blustery with occasional light showers of cold rain. It didn't look hopeful for photography, but I took my camera and managed to get a few decent shots.

Looking towards the estuary

Spring garden

I wish I had a stream like this flowing through my garden. *Sigh*

A cold grey March day

Here's what the view towards the estuary really looked like. This would be one for my faerie set if I actually had one. :)

Silage bags

Black silage bags aren't as romantic as haystacks. No one would frolic on them for instance! But it makes the gathering of winter forage for the animals a much less fraught procedure as I believe silage doesn't require long hot sunny spells at the crucial time.

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