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Yes, I am still here...

I haven't had chance to post much, largely due to the fact that the Internet connection at the centre in Ruthin is still not working. I have discovered that I can access our college intranet and get at my work e-mail and all our course and student information (which is something), but I'm cut off from the outside world, electronically speaking. I'm in Ruthin for quite a large chunk of my week, and the idea behind doing LiveJournal was that I would read and post in my tea and lunchbreaks. But having no access at work has severely curtailed that.

I have whinged yet again to my boss and pointed out that at least one class will have to transfer to the main college if Internet is not forthcoming very soon as they want to do the e-mail and web unit of the qualification they are following. Developments are eagerly awaited...

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