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Just another day really

It's been one of those days that hasn't felt productive, yet when I list what I've done, it's seems OK really.

  • Cleaned up the kitchen a bit

  • Made a wholemeal loaf in the bread machine

  • Dried the load of washing that had been sitting for a couple of days in the washing machine

  • Bleached G's white shirt that had blue blobs on it because it had been sitting in the washing machine wet with a blue and green shirt of mine

  • Did another load of washing, including the now bleached shirt

  • Hung the towels out to dry round the side of the house where there's a roof thing spanning the gap between our house and next door and which therefore means that I can dry a few items outside even when it's raining.

  • Put the other items to dry on the clothes airer in the conservatory

  • Caught up with rasfc and LJ

  • Watched Episode 5 of Ashes to Ashes which I downloaded the other day from the BBC's iPlayer

  • Decided not to go for a walk as it was raining hard and I didn't want to catch pneumonia

  • Went through Chapters 1-3 of A Necessary Evil and did a very short scene-by-scene summary on small cards (no more than a couple of sentences, telling the key points of each scene)

  • Was going to drive into town for a Chinese takeaway

  • Realised that I had forgotten to get a new bulb for the driver's side headlight (dipped)

  • Walked into town instead and ordered Chinese then while it was being cooked, walked to the Co-op to get a new box of wine and some fruit

  • Discovered that Wales had beaten France and Won the Grand Slam

  • Avoided the people who had been watching the match in the various pubs and had now all spilled out oto the pavement to have a fag

  • Collected the Chinese takeaway and hurried home with it

  • Ate dinner

Now off to see if there's anything interesting to watch on the telly.

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