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Everyone likes a happy ending

I've mentioned several times both here and on rasfc that I don't feel that the current WIP (A Necessary Evil) has a good enough ending. "The protagonist doesn't die but he's in prison and sentenced to serve 10 years hard labour," has never struck me as being a very satisfactory finale to a novel. Huw does go free, but he's not the main protag in book one, so him gaining his freedom helps, but isn't enough.

This morning during the Quaker meeting, the whole story sort of gelled and I might be able to make it work. If I consider it as a "man learns a lesson" story, then the ending of the first volume can be made to make sense. It will take another volume to give Mark his happy ending, but at least the ending to the first volume will now have some point to it and not just look as though the writer went, "Ooops! This is getting too long. Better stop now." :)

Other than that I haven't worked on the WIP today. There might still be time to do a few scene cards this evening, in amongst cooking the dinner and ironing some clothes for tomorrow, but that insight counts for a lot, even if it didn't produce any words. :)

In other news...

The BBC have been doing a variety of things in town over the last couple of weeks. Other then the day of Welsh classes, I haven't been to any of them, but as the fire station was right next to the Co-op, I grabbed these photos when I went shopping this afernoon.

Fire engine
Fire engine

Our local fire engine on display at an event organised by the BBC.

Part of the BBC exhibition that came to town.


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