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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled yesterday: 4
Miles travelled so far: 327½
Miles still to go: 130½
Percentage complete: 71.5%

Point reached on journey: I have left camp on the 4th day out from Weathertop and am heading up the valley.

Where I really went...

I did Walk Number 6. That is #6 according to my numbering system for the lookup table for the exercise spreadsheet. :) Basically I head up the lane towards Cadair Idris, turn left at the top of the looooong hill and then follow the little winding lane that hugs the foothills of the Cadair Idris range. I did plan to do Walk Number 11, but the weather started to look threatening, so I chickened out and came down via the bridleway. Walking into town, however, to get the local paper added another half mile.

I took some photos, some of which aren't too bad, despite the weather.

First of all Teh Cute. :)

Spring lambs

This just about sums up Spring at the moment. We have Spring lambs, they are huddling together in sheltered spots to hide from the cold rain and wind!

Thorn tree and rocks

Trying for that Faerie look again. :)

Ruined barn

I don't often do black and white, but there was so little colour in this shot that I thought I'd make it totally monochrome.

Ruined house

When my daughter was young and went to school on the minibus, they used to pass this ruined house and the big kids would try to scare the little kids by saying it was haunted. Perhaps it is?

Proud mum

Proud mum with her twins. :)

And here is the path home as it drops down towards the town.

Tree arch
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