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Perhaps I'll just write and see what happens...

Another round of novel_in_90 starts today. How fortuitous. :)

As I've just decided to abandon everything I've been fiddling about with and start something totally new, I plan to sort of join in. I say "sort of join in" because I established last year with the first round that I can't write 750 words every day. However, if I do a sort of shadow Ni90, perhaps their enthusiasm will rub off on me and I'll get some fun out of writing again?

I intend to count outlining and plot noodling towards my shadow Ni90 word count, so I'm going to count the musings I've written today in LJ. Some ideas are stirring and I've unearthed the Potential Stories file from the bottom of the drawer and the next step is to look through it and see what I've got.

In terms of addressing Concerns of the Day, it looks like Identity (both individual and national) will be a main theme.I'm going to try to forget about publication, this is going to be a fun romp and I'll see where it takes me.
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