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I think I'll declare today a draw

The day started oddly when we were wakened at about 6 am by the deafening roar of a helicopter apparently hovering over our garden. It moved away, only to return a little while later. The third time it came back, we leapt out of bed and peered out of the window to discover that it wasn't actually over our garden but was hovering over the river and shining a light on it. It wasn't the police chopper either but the yellow RAF rescue helicopter.

I hope whoever they were looking for was found safe and well. We haven't heard anything about a search, but perhaps there'll be something in the local paper later this week.

Of course I then fell deeply asleep, switched off both alarms and didn't manage to pry myself out of bed until about 8 am.

Just made my dental appointment in time and had a filling in a back tooth replaced. Quite a big filling so once the local anaesthetic wore off, it was a bit tender. However, I was supposed to be taking G's PhD thesis to Bangor to be bound, so I set off, as I thought just about in time.

If I'd known where I was going, I'd have made it with about 5 minutes to spare. As it was, I got muddled turned into the right place, thought I wasn't in the right place, went back out onto the main road and tried to take an earlier turning, missed turning and had to go back to the roundabout to turn round, turned into what I thought was the right turning, only to discover it was a dead end and I'd been right the first time.


Finally back in right campus, found parking space and then... couldn't find the book bindery. Wandered hopelessly for several minutes, misled by sign that pointed in the wrong direction and when I finally found someone to ask who pointed me at the right building, arrived at the book bindery door at dead on 4.30, only to find it locked.


Drove home again. :(

Anyway, at least it enabled G to correct the typo in the abstract he'd discovered in my absence. (G was teaching, which was why he couldn't take the thesis himself.) Also to sign the form he'd forgotten to sign, which means he won't have to go to Bangor next Tuesday. As my car is more economical on diesel than his, that puts us slightly in profit on the travelling, despite my wasted journey.

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