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It's done! It's done!

This is what's my husband and I have been fretting about for the last few weeks. His PhD! Years of work have culminated in these piles of paper.

Graham's PhD thesis

The thesis is now written, checked and printed out.

It's been a long hard slog and in the earlier stages I helped with the fieldwork. I've taken many photos for G which have not only been used in the thesis but have been shown to people all over the world when he's given papers at academic conferences. Even people in China have seen my photos of gravel, aged tree roots preserved in peat and river banks. :)

The last task was to drive the finished product up to Bangor University to the book bindery, to get the volumes bound so they can be submitted for assessment. I did that today, so it's all done.

It's finished. Wheeee! :)

Now perhaps we can get around to all the things that kept getting put off because he was too busy...
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