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Let's be terribly British and talk about the weather

Wah! The weather just turned horrible. It's gone grey and nasty and there's snow falling and a cold wind. :(

Despite the dire forecast, until now it's been quite a nice day here. There was a thin coating of snow on the ground when I woke up, which isn't normal for early April. Fortunately I got some exercise in early. I went for a brisk walk along the old railway and passed several people walking their dogs. We exchanged greetings and more than one person commented on how lovely the day was -- because it was, despite the snow and slight nip to the wind. We had cheerful blue sky, bright sun and it was dry.

I attacked the clutter in the conservatory and had a bonfire down on the bit of waste land beyond our gardens. I managed to burn a pile of cardboard boxes and the wooden frames of two old armchairs. There were a few flurries of snow, but it was quite pleasant despite that. While keeping on eye on the bonfire, I used the bush saw to trim back the shrubby willows that try to encroach on the garden. I also dragged a few old logs back onto the heap beyond the bit of wasteland that I sort of regard as ours, even though it isn't. The winter floods rearrange the dead logs and branches, so a bit of spring tidying is always required. Meanwhile G took 4 boxes of waste paper to the recycling point on the carpark in town.

After lunch we booked the flights and hotel for the autumn trip to Prague. G will be giving a paper, so the plan is we go the weekend before and spend a couple of days sightseeing before I fly back and leave him to the academic stuff.

It was than that we noticed a birdy drama occurring in the trees at the bottom of the garden. Mere saplings when we moved in 24 years ago, these are now decent sized trees and to our surprise we saw a buzzard perched in the branches being harangued by the pair of magpies. The magpies hopped around from branch to branch, looking as though they wanted to have a peck at the buzzard, yet not quite daring to. I scuttled upstairs and grabbed my camera. I managed to snatch a couple of shots through my study window before it flew off. It returned a little later and I snapped it again.




None of the photos is brilliant because the light was poor on its first visit and it was behind a twig the second time it came into our tree, though by then the sun had come out again, so the colour is better. It's not the first time it's been in our garden, though that's the longest I've seen it remain here. I will keep an eye out for it again.

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