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Introvert or extrovert?

I wanted to comment on matociquala's latest post, but we have new filtering software at the college where I work and for some reason it won't let me go to some bits of LJ. And I can't really complain, because then I'd have to admit I was reading LJ. :)

Anyway... matociquala was talking about social commitments and cutting back a bit because she found being with people was exhausting rather then energising which is ...the canonical difference between an introvert and an extrovert

Whenever I do personality tests, I balance right on the border between introvert and extrovert, which doesn't make me normal, it just makes life awkward.

If I have too much people time, I get hyper and/or frazzled and need some alone time to recover. (That's why I am reluctant to go to conventions if I can't have a single room. I get really stressed if I don't have a bolt hole where I can be solitary.) But if I have too much alone time, I slide into lethergy and depression. To stay in balance I have to be rather like Alice when she was nibbling bits from each side of the mushroom to adjust her size.

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