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Pondering life's little mysteries

Just a quick update on this post.

Sadly the person they were looking for was found dead at the bottom of a ravine a few miles from our house. Or was that what they were searching for?

According to my LJ post, the helicopter was still searching at 6 am on Wednesday morning, yet according to the paper, the body was found on Tuesday at lunchtime. The search is continuing for his bike, which he was riding when he disappeared on the way home from the pub on Sunday night, but would the RAF still be involved once the person had been found and they were just looking for his belongings? Surely not?

So what was the helicopter doing? Heaven knows. This will probably just remain one of life's little mysteries. Life is never as tidy as fiction...

...except when it's tidier.

Last summer a colleague had a family crisis. Her daughter, who had put up with years of drunkenness and violence from her husband, had decided to flee with the kids. She didn't flee to my colleague's home, she went to a friend so that her family could say with all honesty that they didn't know where she was. The whole thing was getting ugly. My colleague was terribly stressed worrying about daughter and kids and pestered by the husband who was drinking heavily and then phoning up and being abusive. And then, just when it all looked as though it was going to be terribly messy for an awful long time, the abusive husband fell downstairs, broke his neck and died. Thus the wife inherited the home, presumably claimed on his life insurance and can now make a fresh start somewhere else, free from the lout who had made her life a misery.

You just wouldn't believe such a convenient and happy ending if it was in a novel. :)

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